In 1999 trance music became more mainstream in some parts of Europe, not necessarily played on the radio but in the clubs it took over the dancefloor. In Italy the labels still keep doing the Italo dance stuff but no trance orientated style, that wave was already over in Italy, but more melodic pop dance style. Popular labels were Do It Yourself, Nitelite, Dee & Gee, back and For and More Money Records besides the already mentioned labels like DWA and Do It Yourself. The music was pushed by different radiostations in Italy, one very popular was Disco Radio. Artists like Alexia, Kim Lukas, Ann Lee, The Soundlovers, Neja and Eiffel 65 still scored big hits in Italy and abroad.
Nevertheless record sales went down for most productions. In the 1993 -1998 era it was normal to press 2000 copies the first time and big hits more than 10.000 copies but now you scored a hit with 2.000 copies sold. A good indicator is the change of SIAE sticker in the 90s. In the 80s you could recognize an original Italian pressing by the SIAE stamp on the label. This changed in 90s and records got a SIAE sticker and printed was the numbered copy of the pressing, in the early 90s you could have bought a number way above 5000 but at the end of the 90s it hardly succeeded in a number above 2000. International hits like Whigfield and Alexia still sold very well but mostly on different domestic labels as in a license. Of
course there was more competition from CD and CD singles but overall sales went down. Some companies didn't survive, Discomagic was forced to close down due to financial problems and lawsuits. Severn Lombardoni sold the main catalogue to the German ZYX label and started two new companies DV More Music and Hitland but they never reached such a big success as Discomagic in the years before. Dig It International also closed down because they were not able to make money with low sales. The same goes for the smaller companies like ZAC Music and Flying Records .The closing down of a lot of distribution companies led to the birth of a new one. Giacomo Maiolini started in 1998 Self Distribution and became the number 1 dance orientated distribution company in Italy. Besides Self there still was a smaller dance distributor in Miiano called Level One.
For a few years, 2001 - 2005, there was also a trend making Italo Dance hits in the Italian language, a good example is DJ Lhasa - Giulia. It scored big in the Italian charts and even abroad.
Most influential record labels from this period are New Music International, Do It Yourself, Exe Records, More Money Records, Time Label and No Colours.
In the Euro Beat scene the labels Time Records, SCP Music, Hi NRG Attack, Delta and A. Beat-C Records were the most important ones.
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