The Italian wave of Italo Disco in Italy got a lot of help in the 80s from Radio DeeJay, a radiostation that was founded in 1982 by Claudio Checcetto and from Radio Company and Rete 105.
In the 90s and 2000s radiostations like Radio DeeJay, Tarn Tarn Network, Radio Studio Piu and M20 were the most important ones for italo Disco and dance, famous deejays were Fargetta and Molella, they had their own daily show in which the hits were mixed in one long sequence and they only commented in between to announce which record was played.
A lot of radiostations still exist but don't play the 80s classics anymore, they sometimes do but only in a theme program. Many people in Italy from the generation late 30s - early 50s do remember the hits from the 80s but many people don't consider this Italo disco, for them it was just a timeframe of popular music. Also many producers are not aware that in some scenes around the world their music is still very popular, in the 80s they just created music that was in fashion not as part of the Italo Disco movement.
If you want to listen to the golden oldie Italo sound, than the internet has a lot to offer. In Holland you can listen non stop to Fantasy FM at or to Radio Stad Den Haag at and in many other countries you can find 80s stations , try searching and you'll certainly find stations in Poland, Brazil, UK, Russia and Germany: you'll be surprised!
Sometimes the popularity of italo Disco artists cannot be measured by sales. One good example are the countries that were behind the iron curtain in the 80s like Poland, Russia and Hungary. For people in those countries it was nearly impossible to buy records, they only could listen to the (illegal) radiostations. But in the 2000s the Moscow 80s radiostation organized parties in Moscow and St. Petersburg were 20.000 (!) people sang- a- long with the hits of Savage and Eddy Huntington. And the Italo artists were just as popular as well known performers like Boney M. or Kaoma from the "Lambada".
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