In this chapter we present you some of the recording studio's that were used during the 80s and 90s. Some of them still exist, others closed down. Be aware that in the 80s a lot of work was done in (simple) home studio's and that artists went to a professional studio for the recording and/or mixing of the song.
Factory Sound Studio - Lugangnano (Verona)
Owned by Mauro Farina and Giuliano Crivellente. First studio technician was Sandro Oliva. After him came Laurent Gelmetti and then Fabio Serra and Johnny Mix. Also Fabio Turatti worked in this studio.
Studio Vimodrome - Milano
Studio owned by Roberto Turatti, the other team members were Mario Natale and Silvio Melloni, the team abbreviation is NTM.
Logic Studio - Milano
Studio complex owned by Carmelo and Michelangelo La Bionda, where they not only recorded many Italo hits but also a lot of international artists.
Gianburrasca Studio - Milano
Owned by Marcello Catalano. Often used by Stefano Secchi for his projects. Studio technician for many years was Roberto Zucchini.

Studio Emme - Firenze
This studio was based in Firenze (Florence) and owned by Marzio Bellini. Check your records and discover how many Italo tracks were made in this studio.
Rimini Studio's and Heaven Studio - Rimini
Owned by Mario Flores. Home of the recording of many Italo hits, did and many records.
Palace Recording Studio - Udine
Owned by Fulvio Zafret were he created a lot of projects with his team members Claudio Zennaro and Sergio Portaluri.
Harlequin Studio - Mantova
The former studio of the trio Sandro Oliva, Gino Caria and Claudio Cattafesta.
Domino Studio - Sound & Vision Studio - Mantova
Studio set up by Giancarlo Pasquini, this used to be the studio complex of the Harlewuin Studio.
Casablanca Recordings - Massa Carrara
The studio were Roberto Zanetti recorded many songs. Technicians were Franceso Alberti and Franceso Bontempi (Lee Marrow) who started their own studio's in the 90s.
Regson Studio - Milano
A studio were many hits of the 80s were recorded, like the Martinelli and Miko Mission tracks.
Watermelon Studio - Rimini
A recording studio in Rimini.

Studio G(enova) - Genova
Home of Aldo de Scalzi and Salvatore Cusato were they recorded many songs.
Time Records Studio - Brescia
Studio complex in Brescia were the offices of Time Records were shared with three different studio's. One studio was dedicated for Laurent Gelmetti where he made the Time Records sound, the other two were for a.o. Cremoni and Trivellato to produce Italo dance records for the Time label and Italian Style Productions.
Sandy's Recording Studio
Studio owned by Sandy (Stefano) Dian. Home of many hits for different labels in the 80s and 90s.
CGD / Idea Recording Studio - Milano
In the CGD building in Milano were a few recording studio's like the Idea Recording Studio.
Fonoprint Studio - Bologna
A studio complex in Bologna were tracks like Taffy and Fun Fun were recorded. It can be found in downtown Bologna and is situated in a thirteen century monastery. It still is a recording studio.
Scaccomatto Studio - Lavagna (Genova)
A studio owned by Alberto Parodi in the 80s. A lot of Italo Disco tracks were recorded at this studio for many different labels like Ibiza Records and Discomagic (i.e. the early work of Savage).

Studio Mestre 77 - Mestre (Venezia)
Studio owned by the Visnadi brothers who were very succesfull with Alex Party and Elastic Band in the 90s.
G7 Recording Studio - Torino
A recording studio complex in Torino with 3 different studio's.
Bliss Team Recording Studio - Torino
A studio complex in Torino. One of the first studio complexes in Italy that went completely digital. Angelika Vilella was the main (mix)technician in the studio and she mixed almost all hits of the Bliss Corporation like Da Biltz, Bliss Team and Gabry Ponte.
Ritmo & Blu Studio - Pozzolengo (Brescia)
Studio owned by Stefano Castagna were he creates powerful Hi NRG songs for the Japanese market.
Morning Studio - Milano
Recording studio in Milano were songs from Valerie Dore, Eros Ramazzotti, BB & Q Band and Change were recorded. Renato Cantele was the technician in this studio.
Live Music Studio - Alessandria
Recording studio of the duo Claudio Accatino and Federico Rimonti. In the early 90s the studio was destroyed by a huge flood, they rebuild it and still is operative for musical projects.

Santanna Recording Studios - Castelfranco Emilia (Modena)
The studio were a lot of Cruisin' Records tracks were recorded but also a lot of Italian artists like Vasco Rossi, Zucchero, Nek and Antonello Venditti. The studio still exists.
Hanguria Studio
Studio complex of Sergio dall'Ora, producer of many Euro Beat songs.
Media Records Studio
A studio complex founded by Gianfranco Bortolotti. In the 90s and 2000s the place were the hits of Gigi d'Agostino and Mauro Picotto were created.
DJ Movement Studio - Brescia
Recording complex with 3 studio's were Pieradis Rossini and company (a.o. Paola Peroni) worked on many Italo Dance tracks for DJ Movement and sublabels.
Nicolosi Studio - near Milano
Studio complex from the Nicolosi family in which they created many hits like Valerie Dore and Novecento in the 80s and Hi NRG songs and Italo Dance for the Discomagic labels.

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