Just like the production teams there were vocalists that are singing on many records. To give you an idea who sang what, we've made a list of singers that you can hear on a lot of Italo records.
Aida Cooper
Real name Aida Nola - vocals on Aida Cooper - "Stand back", Los Angeles TF - "Let your body dance", Ryn' 0 - "Gigolo", Jimmy McFoy - "I can't stay without you", Carrara, Eros Ramazzotti.
Celeste Johnson
American girl who lived in Italy in the 80s and 90s - vocals on R.I.S. feat Celeste - "Love -n-music", Los Angeles TF - "Let your body dance", Los Angeles TF - "Magical body", Celeste, FM & Celeste Johnson, CO.RO.
Her real name is Emanuela Gubinelli and she did vocals on CO.RO, Den Harrow, Lilac, Alexis, Aladino, Ann Sinclair, Vanessa, Dolly, High Frequency, De La Cruz, Manuela, Janet, Donna Luna, Karin Rex, Ross, Morena, Mandy Gordon and many more.
Albert One
The big guy from Pavia, former DJ and now musician and entertainer. Vocals on: all Albert One tracks, Humphrey-"Devil love", The Fashion - "Future girl", The Managers - “One race", X-One - "Wet wet wet", all A.C. One songs, Clock on Five songs, GMT One, Paul Sharada - "Vola".
Jimmy McFoy
Real name Antoine van Bladel, a Belgian guy who lives and works in Italy. Vocals on - all Jimmy McFoy songs, Tommy Bow - "Dance tonight", Jimmy & Susy - "Come back", Joy Michael - "Dancing", ludy - "Island of the sun", Flexy Cowboys - "Sexy movie", Larry Day- "Fashion girl", Stelee Up "Waiting for you", Bank of America - "Shall I go", Eddie May "Up and away", Clockwork - "Keep on loving you", Forbidden Fruits - "Disco Halloween", James D. - "Skyhawk hunter", Dr. Livingstone - "Welcome in Kenia", Johnny Game "Another kiss".
Gwen Annty
Vocals on - Moments - "The station", Art of Love - "Looking through the night", AGF - "Loved by you", Hank Shostak -"Don't tell me", Savoir Faire - "Talking to the stars".
Clara Moroni
Introduced by Mauro Farina in the Factory Sound Studio in the late 80s. She sang a lot of lead and backing vocals, she is the female Mauro Farina. She really sang on hundreds of hits. Vocals on - Gipsy & Queen, Vanessa, Cherry, Suzy Lazy, Mela, Albert One, Chester, Atrium, Radiorama, Fred Ventura, Danny Keith, Stef, Laurie, Thomas & Schubert, Trisha, King Kong & The DJ'ungle girls, Lisa Johnson, Maio & Co, Alexis, Jilly, Tutti Frutti, Antares, Copernico, Vasco Rossi and many more.
Silvio Pozzoli
Real namer is Silvio Pozzoli, already background vocalist since 1979 for many projects. You can hear him sing - on all Silver Pozzoli tracks, Pink Project, Peter Richard, Miguel Bose, Billy Jean, Den Harrow- "Mad desire", Eros Ramazzotti, David Lyme - "Bambina", Laura Pausini, Band of Jocks, Mash, Clubhouse, Unconditional. Nowadays he is the voice over for many Disney cartoon characters and he worked as the artistic producer for a TV Station.
Simona Zanini
Female vocalist for many projects together with the group Martinelli. You can hear her voice also on Moonray -"Comanchero" and Viva, Implantation - "Choose your lover", Radiorama - "Change to desire", Topo & Roby - "Under the ice", Doctor's Cat songs.
Vince Lancini
Lead vocalist from the group Scotch which he formed together with Fabio Margutti. Besides this project he sung also in Implantation - "Choose your lover", Martinelli -"Voice", Cat Gang- "Locomotive breath", Bosa Trida songs, Splashdance - "Maniacalive", Vince - "Across the land", Power Melody- "Stop the rain", Medicine Factory- "Enjoy your medicine", Francis Lowe - "Back to zero".
Mauro Farina
When we have to guess then we would say that you can hear his vocals on more than 1500 records (!). Famous tracks he sung: Brand Image - "Are you loving", Lovables - "It's
beautiful", Danny Keith - "Love me again", Danny Keith - "Keep on music", Pierrot's Gang - "Mexico", Brand Image - "Movin'up" , the first Radiorama productions, De Niro - "Italian boy", King & the DJ Ungle Girls, Max Coveri, Chester, F.C.F. group and productions, Mark Farina songs, Dr. Groove, Family Number One - "Lara de bahia", and many more. The list goes on and on        
Orlando Johnson
Vocalist originally from the UK but works an lives since the late 70s in Italy. Did a lot in the Italian dance scene from funk, disco, house and dance. Vocals on - all Orlando Johnson tracks, Trance - "Hang on it", The Dog - "Come on let's go", Stefano Secchi tracks, DJ Morris and many more.
Ken Laszlo - Gianni Coraini
Real name Gianni Coraini - vocals on hundreds of tracks - all Ken Laszlo tracks, all K.L Jones tracks, Jaco - Spanish run, Artwork - "Party time", Mike Freeman, Danny Keith, Jean Corraine, Maltese, Ric Fellini, Alvin, Jeff Driller and many more.
Sandy Chambers
Also known as Sandra Chambers, an UK vocalist who moved to Italy to join the DWA record team from Roberto Zanetti. She's responsible for many backing vocals and lead vocals as an artist. Examples are Sandy - "Bad boy", many Double You tracks, Charles Shaw - "I'm feeling", Benny Benassi productions.

Antonella Pepe
Female vocalist with an impressive vocal cv. She did vocals for Fun Fun, Gipsy & Queen, Morgana and Hot Cold to name a few. Nowadays she is still a background vocalist especially for Italian artists like Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Vasco Rossi, Mike Francis and Claudio Baglioni. More unknown (backing) vocals she did for Via Verdi - "Diamond", Patrol - "Gambler", Topo & Roby - "Set on fire", Ally & Jo - "Holding you".
Angela Parisi
Female vocalist with an impressive vocal cv, just like her friend Antonella Pepe. She did vocals on all Morgana and Cleo songs, Angela Paris & Co. - "Whenever forever", Magic-A -"Heaven is a secret", Patrol - "Gambler",   Fun Fun songs.
Glenn White
An American guy who did a lot of studio vocals on many records. Well known are all Kano songs, Time - "Shaker shake", Jonathan Gable - "Central park", Sphinx, Sahara, Stefano Pulga songs, Deadly Sins and a lot of funky house records.
Gary Low
Although born from Spanish parents, he grew up in Rome. His real name is Luis Romano Peris Belmonte. He sang most projects under the name of Gary Low, both in English and Spanish. Big success came with" You're a danger" and "La Collegiala".
Miko Mission
His real name is Piermichele Bozzetti. He sang most of his songs under the name Miko Mission but also co-wrote many other songs (i.e. Alan Barry - "Ring the bell"). He is still active as a singer and is touring Italy together with his coverband.
Real name Alessia Aquilani. Vocals on - all Alexia songs, Lita Beck, Fourteen 14, Ice MC, Alexia Cooper, Digilove, Paula Evans, Due, Cybernetica, Double You songs. Her first two albums sold 500.000 and 600.000 copies around the world. In 2007 she decided to pursue another musical career and switched to the Italian language and a more pop music style.
Tom Hooker
Real name Thomas Beecher Hooker. American guy who worked and studied in Italy and Switserland. Co-wrote many hits and did also a lot of vocals on - all Tom Hooker songs, Den Harrow, Ricky Shane, Elastic Band, T.H., Lou Sern (name joke, Swiss town of Luzern), Novecento, Cool Jack, Harry Cox. Nowadays he's living in the US and working under the artist name of Thomas Barby doing art photography projects.
Fred Ventura - Federico di Bonaventura
Recorded a lot of hits under the name Fred Ventura. But is also a very talented composer. Did most of his Italo Disco and Hi NRG work for Giacomo Maiolini from Time Records. In 1988 he created a new house sound called the underground sound from Milan, a project on Evolution Records. This house music crossover was already an approach for the house music
of 1992/93. In the 90s he also produced a lot of pop records with some jazzy influences (Vibrazioni Productions). Nowadays he's still making music (even old school Italo Disco) and producing other groups.
Linda Wesley
Her full name is Linda Jean Wesley and she sang a few songs under her own name but did the (backing) vocals on many other tracks like Baltimora, Kano, BB and Band, Simonetti and Tom Hooker.
Ivana Spagna
At a young age she already wrote and sung a lot of tracks in the early 80s (a.o. Barbara York). In 1983 she gained big success as part of the duo Fun Fun, after the first album of Fun Fun she left the group and her vocal role was taken care of another girl. She also wrote some tracks under her alias Kalimba and did many backing vocalsfor projects were her brother Giorgio was involved. After her solo career as Spagna with huge international hits she decided to switch in the early 90s to the Italian language. She's still singing and performing today under the name Spagna.
Antonello Gabelli
A very active singer in the early 80s. We wrote and sung many compositions for Memory Records and the Discomagic label. You can hear him under many different names like Moliendo Cafe, Duke lake, Mac Jr and Chris Luis.

George Aaron
Real name is Giorgio Aldigheri. He sung hits like Video -" Somebody", Ram Band - Silent smiles" and the songs of the group Time. Used to work for Raff Todesco on a lot of projects. Nowadays he still sings as a hobby.
Naimy Hackett
A bit of a mysterious American woman, not many in the Italo Disco scene have met or seen her. We can see her appear in the late 70s on many Italian productions. She quite wrote a lot of tracks and even some mega hits like Baltimora -"Tarzan boy", Den Harrow - "Mad desire" and Silver Pozzoli -"Step by step". She's also credited for many (backing) vocals like Klein & MBO together with Rosanna Casale. It appears that she's now living in the USA.
Dora Carofiglio
Lead singer of many Nicolosi projects. Her high pitched voice is very recognizable. She's involved in many Nicolosi songs from the 80s like Valerie Dore, Shirley Ross and the Nicolosi songs but also for a lot of Nicolosi tracks in the 90s they made for the High Energy and Discomagic label.
Roberta Bacciolo
Female vocalist who sang many lead and backing vocals. You can hear her as the lead vocalist on Alyne - "Over the sky" and the Colors records. She used to work a lot for different producers like Marco Cimino and Rene d'Herin doing the lead or backing vocals.
Luigi Venegoni
Singer on many Italo productions but also as a songwriter and producer. You can hear his work in The D.Lights -"Scratch your face", Mono Band - "Mr. Crusoe", Make Up/Fantasy -"She's number 1" and many more. You can place his work in the category of Rene d'Herin productions.
Stefania dal Pino
Her voice can be heared on all Primadonna and other songs from Giorgio Dolce. She also worked for Roberto Zanetti and Fabrizio Baldoni and Bruno Rosellini. You can hear her on "I'm loosing you" - Savage and on Finzy Girls and Dan Newman productions.
Romano Bais
This guy is a multi talent. He plays the saxophone, he sings, writes and produces. You could also place him in the category producers. Under his own name he created hits like Dial my number but as a writer he co-wrote songs for Silver Pozzoli, Primadonna, Tracy Spencer, Betty Miranda, M. Like Moon and Carolina Marquez. On a lot of productions coming out of the Rimini studio's from Mario Flores you can hear a saxophone and in 99% of the cases it's Romano.
Annerley Gordon - Ann Lee
UK born female vocalist that moved to Italy in 1989. We can see her appear as a vocalist in 1989 on different songs like Helen - "I love you" on Memory Records and on Femminuce - "Bambolina" on Asia Records. In the 90s she worked for A..Beat-C Records and X-Energy Records plus sublabeis before she gained huge together with Davide Riva, Larry Pignagnoli and former Hipnosis team member Paul Sears success as a composer for the project Whigfield. She also appears as a composer and singer for the project Ally & Jo and under her own name as Ann Lee.
William Naraine - Double You
Brazilian born male vocalist who made his first record in 1988 on the Merak Music label with the song "It's the summertime". In the 90s he became the voice and face of the project Double You. The cover song of the KC and the Sunshine Band "Please don't go" sold millions around the world. Besides as Double You (or DY) you can hear him on many backing vocals for projects at the DWA label of Roberto Zanetti.
Giancarlo Pasquini - Dave Rodgers
He already saw his name as frontman of the band Aleph and producer for Flea and A.Beat-C Records. The name A.Beat-C Records was chosen because of the first three letters of the alphabet so it would be one of the first letters in a catalogue and the letters A.C. also stands for Alberto Contini who was co-responsible for the foundation of this record label. Giancarlo can be heared on many productions, you can compare it a little bit with Mauro Farina but then for the Euro Beat style.
Nathalie Aarts
Dutch female vocalist living an working in Italy. She used to be the lead vocalist for the group The Soundlovers. But as a freelance she also did a lot of tracks for Delta Records (Nathalie, Larabel) and Giorgio Spagna (Mandy-Magic moon). She still performs with her friends Kim Lukas an Neja at 90s parties in Italy.
Elena Gobbi
Her full name is Elan Gobbi Frattini, she is a freelance female vocalist who did a lot for A.Beat-C Records for projects like Lolita, Marlene, Roxanne and Virginelle.
Gino Caria
Unfortunately this multi talent died to soon at the end of the 90s. Gino's characteristic voice can be heared on hundreds of sungs, dance and Euro Beat. He used to work with Claudio Cattafesta and Sandro Oliva in the Harlequin Studio and later became a freelance vocalist and producer for A.beat-C Records and Time Records. On songs from the 80s you can hear him a.o. in the backing vocals for the Ken Laszlo projects together with lead singer Gianni Coraini.
Sabrina (Salerno)
Her hit "Boys boys boys (Summertime love)" gained much attention in 1987, the video clip which was filmed in the Aquafan waterpark near Rimini showed a sexy girl in a bikini showing (not intended?) some nipple. Some people would call it cheap but it was a good pr and marketing stunt and it established her as an artist, the record sold over 1,5 million copies. She was not a one-hit wonder because after "Boys boys boys" she recorded many other songs, even with the UK trio Stock, Aitken and Waterman ("All of me"). She still performs in Italy and Europe under her name Sabrina.
Vivien Vee
Her real name is Viviana Andreattini. Already in 1979 she sang her first hit "Give me a break", followed in the 80s by different other tracks and albums. She started to work with the people from the group around producer Giancarlo Meo and switched in the late 80s to another Roman record label from Dario Raimondi and Alvaro Ugolini (X-Energy Records).
Sandy Marton
Born in former Yugoslavia, this Croatian musician went to Italy in the early 80s. His real name is Aleksandar Marton. He joined forces with Claudio Cecchetto and made his first record "OK Run" in 1983 under the name M-Basic. In 1984 Claudio launched the Ibiza Records project and the first track of this label "People from Ibiza" was an instant summer hit for Sandy. In the period 1984 -1989 he sang and wrote several productions for the Ibiza Record label and was famous in Italy. When you look at the video clip of the single "Modern lovers" you can see Sabrina and Taffy in the background choir

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