In 1984 a guy from Rijswijk, Holland, called Marcel van den Belt started his own local hitparade called the MB Dance charts, already full of Italian stuff. This chart was his own personal choice giving other music genres from different countries a place in the wave of import records that came out of the UK and USA. The Dutch and local charts were filled at that time with UK and USA disco and dance records. At January 1st 1986 he decided to give his chart a new name and focus on Italian music only, this was the birthdate of i Venti d'Azzurro which can be translated as the "bright blue top 20". The chart became in no time very popular in the import record stores of the The Hague and Rotterdam area. The local illegal radiostations like Radio Stad Den Haag played the music from this list and Marcel participated in a radioshow in which the i Venti chart was presented and played. Very soon he got his Italian nickname Marcello d'Azzurro. In 1985 -1987 Italo Disco was far more popular in the The Hague area than house music but unfortunately this changed all together with the worldwide house wave in 1988. Nevertheless Marcello and his team kept on promoting the dance made in Italy. After Radio Stad Den Haag was forced to close down i Venti d'Azzurro switched to a local radiostation called Omroep Rijswijk (SOR) still able to air the i Venti radioshow. The i Venti radio shows at Omroep Rijswijk were broadcasted till 2001 and in this year Marcello and his team switched to a bigger radiostation called Fresh FM in Zoetermeer that broadcasted the show until 2011. From 1986 on Marcello and the i I Venti team promoted the Italian music worldwide and they still do. New times and new technology made way for the internet and social media to keep in touch with the artists and fans. And of course the i Venti Team is involved in i Venti Records, a good way to promote the old 80s style of Italo disco music. In 1991 the i Venti Team made their first small steps in creating a record. Together with Giancarlo Pasquini and Andrea Leonardi they recorded three songs for the A.Beat-C Record label under the name NRG Boys. The second record "Heart and body" reached the #1 position in the Japanese Dance chart. In 1992 a new project was started with Marc B. at Time Records, "Won't you be my lover tonight" also did very well in the Japanese charts. At the end of 1993, beginning of 1994 the i Venti Team created and produced their very own record on i Venti d'Azzurro Records: the group 2-get-her made the hit single "Japanese girl" b/w "Mystery girl" with the help of Marcello Catalano and Fred Ventura. In 1994 a new release came out, a CD single with a remix of the Farina/Crivellente track from Wienna called "Future". In 2007 i Venti records was re-launched, you can check the story at
Over the years the i Venti Team made many visits to artists, producers, radiostations, record companies and discotheques building a bond with the people involved. We are very proud to be involved in many Italian projects and reunions with 80s artists in a later period. One on the best examples how strong the bond is we've build was the 20 years i Venti Party at the Bambu discotheque in Mantova in 2006. At the stage you could see around 25 artists from all over the years and 600 fans/people from 30 different countries all over the world (even Australia and Japan) enjoyed a memorable evening. Throughout the years team members changed but the brand still stands as THE promotional company for dance made in Italy and could not have grown without the help of all team members during the years. Many thanks goes out to all of them!!
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